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After a quick morning class, it's finally back to the rink to gather your things before heading on the bus for a weekend roady with the team. As you walk into the room, a few teammates are sitting on the couches eating and watching highlights from the night before, while others are sitting in their stalls with their bags packed. As you start to throw your gear into your hockey bag, you can’t wait to get on the bus and hear some stories from the past week. But before you can do that, you’ve got to do a mental check to make sure you’ve got everything you’re going to need for the week: hockey bag; check, hockey gym bag with a change of clothes; check, hockey backpack to finish that assignment due Monday; check. Time to hit the road. Here at GONGSHOW we’ve got you covered in every aspect to hockey equipment bags to toiletry bags, to make sure everything gets from point A to point B. Grab a GONGSHOW bag today and receive free shipping on orders $50+.
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Boxers / Briefs
Just like a #1 center on a hockey team, you build your team around them. Same goes for a pair of Men’s Hockey Underwear. You start off with a pair of hockey boxers & briefs and you add on to them, making the wardrobe better and better. The most reliable item in your drawer, a pair of GONGSHOW hockey boxers will last longer than Gordie Howe’s hockey career and will keep any hockey player comfy, whatever life puts them through. You’ll never go commando again once you’ve tried a pair of GONGSHOW hockey underwear - whether you prefer boxers or briefs.
Perfect for the gym or heading out for a run, these new ankle socks will let everyone know you're a hockey player. Stretchy, light, and great breathability.
It’s the first game of your sophomore year and you are up against the heaviest thrower in the league - the king of the jungle. He left you with some shiners and ice bags last year but his time is over now and you’re out there to make your mark and claim the belt. What better way to add to your already filthy GONGSHOW hockey jeans than throwing on a hockey belt around your waist.
Phone Cases
GongerShells are protective hard hockey phone cases that cover your cell phone, protecting it from harmful scratches and UV Rays from the sun and are made specifically for hockey players. Why not stand out in the crowd and let people know you run the show? Give your cell phone some style points and pop on a Gonghow hockey cell phone case.
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After a quick morning skate and a nap in the afternoon, it’s finally time to head to the rink for the game. As you eat your pregame meal, you imagine everything you’re going to do out on the ice later. From wheeling down the ice, splitting the d, and firing one top shelf. But before you can get on the ice, you’ve got to get to the rink. As you throw on your go-to suit, you’re going to need a tie to go with it. GONGSHOW hockey ties are made by hockey players, for hockey players. Simple, yet sophisticated, these ties add a little class to your dress code. Grab one a hockey tie today and receive free shipping on orders $50+.
Scarves / Mitts
Out of town hockey tournaments are what minor hockey is all about, playing in foreign rinks against teams you’ve never seen make memories we’ll never forget. Throw on a pair of hockey scarves and mitts and stay warm in those cold barns. Men’s Hockey Scarves & Mitts are available in your favorite team colours and made out of real hockey sock.
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