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TARA91 Collection
Vladimir Tarasenko Signature Collection
GONGSHOW has teamed up with Vladimir Tarasenko, one of our generation’s most exciting hockey superstars, as a way to share his story through our quality lifestyle hockey apparel. Born in Yaroslavl, Russia his road from there to the NHL is one of perseverance, dedication, and pure talent – everything he has today and what he has achieved is rooted in his work ethic. But behind the star on the ice, there is a great story to share of the man himself when the equipment comes off each day.
Tarasenko Collection Tarasenko Collection
Join us over the next few months as we dive into a series of introspective video interviews to who Vladimir Tarasenko is, where he came from, and where he is going. Learn about the family man he is today, and his love of St. Louis, the city he has become a star in. As we tell that story, you will see his personality shared through our unique GONGSHOW x TARASENKO Signature Apparel Collection, made in collaboration with Vlad and the quality behind the GONGSHOW brand. We made this collection not just to offer quality apparel, but to let you learn more about one of the best hockey players in the world as a person off the ice.

Welcome to the Vladimir Tarasenko Signature Collection from GONGSHOW, and stay tuned for more gear drops and interviews over the next few months. TEAM GONGSHOW

Tarasenko Collection Tarasenko Collection