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After a hard day at work, the only thing getting you through the day is the fact you have hockey later tonight. As you get home and get ready for the game, you start to pack your hockey bag. You throw all your gear into your GONGSHOW ice hockey bag. These hockey bags are designed for every hockey player, from compartments stitched into the inside of the bag to the cooler sleeve to keep a few drinks cold for after the game. GONGSHOW hockey equipment bags are the perfect accessory to add to your lineup to help dominate the game off the ice. 


6am your alarm goes off and it’s time to grind. As you jump out of bed, you throw on your hockey workout gear and grab your gym bag before heading out the door. You’re still half asleep by the time you get to the gym, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. The life of a hockey player is one you’ve dreamed of since you were little and there’s no stopping you from achieving your dreams. GONGSHOW is the perfect set up man on your line, here to help you with hockey training bags that show you’re here to dominate the gym and ice. GONGSHOW hockey gym bags also feature a cooler sleeve to keep your drinks cold while you’re in the gym or on the field.


As you sit in class, you start to drift off, looking out the window and imagining yourself on the ice - crushing opponents like you crush numbers in math class, flying down the wing like you fly through books. Playing hockey is what makes you, it defines you, and you couldn’t imagine your life without it. Your goal is to wheel down to the states on a full scholly, but getting your school work done when you’re not on the ice is just as important. Make sure you’ve got your GONGSHOW backpack hockey bags to help you succeed on and off the ice. These hockey knapsacks are the best line mate you could have while living the hockey lifestyle. Sign up to our newsletter to save 10% on your first order.

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