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Saucer King

Built with hockey players in mind

Gongshow's Saucer King

Now you can toss pucks anytime, anywhere with Saucer King. Take a look through the features below to get playing!

What is saucer king?

SAUCER KING is hockey lifestyle game that was designed specifically for the hockey player in mind. Saucer King, over the last couple years has become one of the most popular off-ice street sport to play outdoors for a player of any age. Players all around the world have set up their nets, platforms, and have shot pucks from anywhere to anything. Over obstacles, through car windows, on a lake, off a dock, in a garbage bin, you name it. Now this addictive unreal hockey game can be played ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on your mobile/tablet device at the beach, cottage, back yard, bus stop, on the bus, washroom, before practice, while eating breakfast, boring family dinners, anywhere!

Practice Makes Perfect

Enjoy practicing all the unlock levels without the pressure of time before taking on the challenge mode where your points will be recorded. Practice mode features customizable options that allows you to choose the distance, wind speed and direction, and obstacles in order to perfect your shooting consistency to prepare for the harder challenge mode levels.

Challenge Yourself

Compete in a time challenge mode where you have get as many pucks in the net before 60 seconds runs out. Time will be added every time you score based on difficulty of the distance of the shot and obstacles. Get the highest score possible to move your way up the leader boards unlock more levels.

Pair up in multiplayer mode

With built in multiplayer capabilities, you can play against anyone in the world with either time challenge competition or the classic mode of shooting the puck to the net until one person first spells the word G-O-N-G-S-H-O-W. In a case of a tie, whoever gets 2 leading letters from S-A-U-C-E-R K-I-N-G first wins. You can randomly challenge someone or invite a friend to play!

Gear-up with items from the store

Purchase virtual items for your player on the Saucer King Gear Store. Here, you could change your players gender, skin tone, hair color, stick, pants, shirts, hats, and equipments.

Start earning some coin

Earn GONGCOINS by finishing each level minimum in challenge mode or buy purchasing it through our coin store. Goingcoins can be used to buy virtual items as well as powerups during the game.

Get a boost with power-ups

Use your GONGCOINS to buy and use a power-ups during the game when you a boost in order to complete a level or get a higher score.

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