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Hockey Jeans
What makes a hockey player a hockey player? Some say it’s their work ethic and unbelievable hustle. Hockey players have smooth moves on and off the ice, making them absolute pistols. They dangle benders and snipe tenders, taking numbers and crushing dreams. GONGSHOW Beauty Fit hockey jeans are jeans for hockey players, and these Men’s straight leg hockey jeans are designed for the typical hockey player, one who has massive legs and what is known usually as a “Hockey Ass” – a bit bigger from hours of skating, squats, and overall just dominating life.
Quadasaurous Jeans
What makes a hockey player a hockey player? Some say it’s their drive to be the best and how hard they work on and off the ice. Their dedication to the game and themselves is what makes them who they are. From the hours spent in the gym and on the ice, it shapes them and defines them, and ultimately makes them who they are. After all those hours bettering themselves, it can sometimes be hard to find clothes that fit all the work done to their bodies. GONGSHOW hockey jeans are designed with that in mind. The Quadasaurous hockey jeans are relaxed cut jeans, made for the hockey player who has freakishly large quads and butt and who seem to have tree trunks for legs. What are you waiting for? Grab a pair of Men’s Relaxed Cut Jeans now and show off all that hard work with those massive quads. Receive free shipping on all orders $50+
Chino Pants
Buying dress pants to fit properly around those tree trunks you call legs are an absolute nightmare, but then you find a pair of Men’s hockey chino pants that look classy and fit you comfortably. Your life has been changed forever and there is no turning back. GONGSHOW hockey dress pants are available in many colours for any occasion. From the rink to the streets, these chino pants will deliver in every aspect, from look to comfort. There’s no going wrong with a pair of GONGSHOW chinos.
After a lift and practice in the morning, it’s off to class before heading home to hang out with the boys. Staying comfy throughout the day is important. Make sure your hockey legs are wrapped up in a pair of GONGSHOW Men’s Hockey Sweatpants & Joggers. These hockey joggers provide every hockey player with comfort and style that delivers both on and off the ice. From the ODR to the classroom, GONGSHOW hockey sweatpants will keep you warm in any situation, from sitting around a fire at the lake in the summer, to walking to class in the fall or dominating the ODR in the winter. Let everyone know you’re a hockey player with your GONGSHOW gear.
More Options for Joggers
Training Shorts
6am and your alarm goes off - time to start the grind. As you gather yourself and start to get ready to head to the gym you throw on your favorite pair of GONGSHOW hockey shorts. These Men’s hockey training shorts are you go-2 shorts in the gym, they’re light, comfy and battle just as hard as you do in training. You won’t get those hockey legs and butt just sitting on the couch; hitting the gym and shaping that hockey body is what makes you a hockey player. Get ready to take it up a notch and dominate on the ice and in the weight room in your new favourite pair of training shorts .
Chino Shorts
Men’s hockey chino shorts are a perfect way to let everyone know you’re a hockey player and to show that your style off the ice matches your style on the ice; top notch.
Golf Shorts
As the hockey season starts to wind down and your focus shifts from games on the ice to training and off season activities, the first thing you think about is hitting the links and demolishing a few golf balls like the opponents you demolished on the ice. But before you start swinging some clubs around, make sure to pick up your line mate before heading to the links. GONGSHOW Men’s hockey golf shorts are the perfect transition from the rinks to the link, keeping your game as strong as the player you are on the ice. These shorts are a sure thing when it comes to dominating the links and the off season. Pick up yours today and receive free shipping on orders $50+
Boxers / Briefs
You build your team around your #1 Center. Same goes for a pair of Men’s Hockey Underwear. You start off with a pair of hockey boxers and you add on to them, making the wardrobe better and better. The most reliable item in your drawer, a pair of GONGSHOW hockey boxers will last longer than Gordie Howe’s hockey career and will keep any hockey player comfy, whatever life puts them through. You’ll never go commando again once you’ve tried a pair of GONGSHOW hockey underwear - whether you prefer boxers or briefs.

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