A Day With The Cup

Hockey Lifestyle™ — By on July 4, 2014 3:30 PM

Toff’s Treats- Friends, Family & Lord Stanley

What would you do? One day with The Cup. Nothing more, nothing less. A day with endless possibilities that can be filled with your wildest dreams. For many, the idea of having an entire day with Lord Stanley leaves them with grandiose visions of parties that rival Project X. However, in true hockey player fashion, for Tyler Toffoli, all he wanted or needed was his friends, his family and his newest buddy Lord Stanley.                                                                                                                      

What would a day with The Cup be without the people that you have shared some of the best moments of your life with? The people that stood with you during your biggest goals and greatest games, during the demotions and the disappointments. What’s the point of having the most epic shaker the Stanley Cup has ever seen if you have no one to share it with. Put simply, Tyler Toffoli wanted his day with The Cup to be everyone’s day with The Cup. Hours and hours spent smiling and sharing it with everyone he could, bringing out the childish enthusiasm in grown men and the awestruck joy of kids who could only stop, stare and smile at the sight of Lord Stanley. An unselfish act that will no doubt be the talk of a small hockey town nestled in the Ottawa Valley for decades and decades to come. A once in a life time opportunity that was experienced by so many and will only live on through the memories and stories of those who were lucky enough to be graced by hockey’s Holy Grail.

For myself it was the greatest joy I have ever felt. To see one of your best friends work so hard and sacrifice so much and finally get the chance to share his boyhood dream with myself and all our best friends is irreplaceable. You can put a price on The Cup, you can put a price on the party, but the only thing you couldn’t put a price on that day was the huge smile plastered all over his face as he embraced his friends and family. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be lucky enough to spend a day with The Cup. But picture yourself, a day like any other day, heading down the street to go hang out at your buddy’s house. The same old friends that you made the best memories of your life with, the same backyard where you spent nights having a few cold ones and practicing your cannonball, The same driveway you played road hockey in; pretending you’re playing for The Cup, the same living room where you sat down with all your friends telling stories about the night before. Everything is the exact same as it always was, but this time the crew has one more friend, one more person to join in the memories– the Stanley Cup. It was a day that was highlighted by an unannounced trip to the local ice cream parlor to surprise the staff and any local kids who might be inside, beating the heat and cooling off on the hot summer day. A day that included a quick dip in the pool with the boys and Stan, one hell of a limo ride and all capped off by countless Beauty Beer’s being sipped out of Lord Stanley. No big lights, no big city just best friends and a small town where the only thing bigger than the smiles was the bowl of ice cream.


  1. adamotm says:

    sounds fun

  2. 8pmb96 says:

    I can’t imagine how proud you are of your buddy!

  3. Eddie says:

    what an unreal experience that must be, definitely living the dream!

  4. Joey Z says:

    Damn that’s a bit bigger then my icecream bowl

  5. 8pmb96 says:

    How exciting!

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