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Hockey Lifestyle™ — By on June 27, 2014 2:52 PM

Our Game. What is it that makes hockey our game? Our passion? Our salvation, in an endless frozen sea? Questions that are unable to be answered by letters and words, but rather by feelings and emotion. To Canadians everywhere, hockey isn’t just a game, it’s our game. Hockey is our game not because we invented it but because we birthed it. It was our forefathers who created this game through their love of everything that made them Canadian. The biting air in our lungs, the ice beneath our feet and the fire in our hearts. A gentlemen’s game filled with honor and loyalty, delivered with speed, skill and an iron will.  Hockey is not a part of life—hockey is life. It could be a small rock in the playground, a chunk of ice on the street or a ball of tape in the dressing room—to us anything and everything is a puck; a garage door, your mothers’ laundry basket or a simple garbage can—to us anything and everything is a net. Ice is in our lungs and hockey in our veins.

Over a hundred years have passed since those few spirited souls took to the frozen tundra to play our game. What they could never have known was how their simple game would become a sport that defined a nation. A time honored tradition of men and teams waging war over ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. An unassuming sheet of ice can be the podium on which our wildest dreams and greatest sorrows share the spotlight. Playing for pride and honor are the roots behind the humble beginnings of our great game. The future is here, and we have all grown up hoping to one day find ourselves no longer on the frozen ponds and back yard rinks, but in the bright lights of the NHL; Playing the game we love trying to cement ourselves in the annals of hockey history and taking that sacred sip from Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Generation after generation of Canadians pass the legacy of honor and loyalty to those who are willing to carry the torch that ignites a fire within hockey players all over this great country. At some point in our lives almost all of us have laced them up and taken to the ice to enjoy our great game. But not all are able to enjoy the majesty of our great game at its highest level and purest form. But there are those who play the game with more than skate and stick but with heart and soul, with passion and pride. For these few, hockey is an obsession that’s born in the warm heart of youth and the frozen toes of childhood, a desire to be the best, to be crowned a champion and own the ice. These are the greats who become our heroes and idols our inspiration and motivation.  When they play they not only represent themselves and their teams but their towns and communities, their friends and their families. Simply put, this is our game and it belongs to all of us.


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    our game !!!

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    great piece, well written

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    great read

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    great read

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    cant wait to play shinny

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