Amazing! 2 Beer League Hockey Teams Surprised by Flash Mob of Fans at Arena (Video)

Hockey Lifestyle™ — By on February 2, 2012 5:27 PM

Pretty Awesome – new Budweiser commercial, they hire 1000 people to surprise 2 beer league teams in Ontario while they play with a sold out house.  Livin the dream!


  1. CoryHunt10 says:

    That had to be unreal for them

  2. Doogler says:

    thats actually so sick, and a great thing budweiser did for them

  3. Doogiehowser says:

    That’s fuckin unreal, can’t believe that, awesome movie by Budweiser. They should’ve had that as a commercial during the winter classic.

  4. TDM says:

    Man that would be awsome

  5. michaelbrill says:

    so sick! i’d love to have something like that for my team, clutch move by budweiser

  6. Beelz says:

    just unreal! those guys must have felt like beauties

  7. intheoradio says:

    i know many people said this was all staged. it was not. I grew up in that barn. My dad played men’s league with some of those guys in that commmercial. that is as real as it gets. my one knock… the rink itself. they made it all pretty but it lost it’s rustic appeal.

  8. haydenwilliam says:

    that’d make my season

  9. Wilksy says:

    This commericial would be perfect to show during the finals. Too unreal

  10. ski070880 says:

    Awesome. It’s great when we get 12 fans at our games (5 of them being my wife and kids. Thant many fans would be AWESOME!!!

  11. Eddie says:

    very cool, must’ve been amazing for them

  12. Cousinsimon says:

    OMG I would love for that to have happened to my old timers hockey game!!!!

  13. cchockey4 says:

    that is unreal! those guys were probably pumped!

  14. draper55 says:

    Would kill to be in those guys shoes

  15. Joey Z says:

    Wow looks like such a fun time! Would be sick for that to more beer leaguers.

  16. Marmalade says:

    Nothing replaces the feeling of playing in front of fans. That had to be special.

  17. jenwells says:

    unreal. that’d make my year.

  18. schmodey says:

    How hard would you be going haha, especially knowing thats the closest you’d ever be to a huge game again

  19. rosyser says:

    Unreal. wish that happened to my team

  20. jackal says:

    Thats unreal of budweiser to do that. Definitely tell hockey is starting to grow in America when beer commercials begin to be of hockey teams instead of football or baseball

  21. Keither says:

    how cool must that have been for those guys? props to budweiser for that.

  22. IceNinja3 says:

    Unreal! We played for a crowd of 3 Wednesday night…

  23. ezmoney says:

    What does this commercial have to do with budweiser?

  24. Capn Kev says:

    this is great. They must have been ecstatic

  25. Rosey says:

    thats so awesome, i would go nuts if people did that while i was playing

  26. chrisfrat says:

    thats legit

  27. GWGoalie65 says:

    I catch a lot of shit at the rink for being a Bud man, but this might just sway a few of the boys.

  28. jschrecko says:

    I wish they did this for one of my games. I would lose it. What a rush! Unreal.

  29. deez1978 says:

    Every person’s dream. That’s a great video

  30. Tolts says:

    that night was their night

  31. dirtymcgirty26 says:

    i would kill to play there unreal game

  32. NACMav says:

    That is so awesome. Why couldn’t they have chosen my team?! Could’ve had a skating beer mug as our mascot

  33. hasser4 says:

    how distracting haha

  34. tcavanaugh7 says:

    This is just filth. One more day to just live the dream!

  35. says:

    so sweet

  36. jetman says:

    wish that happened to my team

  37. lanker96 says:

    Can’t even imagine what this would be like, I’ve played in front of decent fans, but never a packed barn, definitely living the dream

  38. jholmes says:

    that would be great

  39. If this happened in our league I truly don’t know how I would react. This is a true beauty moment.

  40. gino_hard13 says:

    such a great thing

  41. race says:

    thats pretty sick for those guys

  42. Beauty54 says:

    wish it would happen to me

  43. njdevils923 says:

    unreal love it

  44. Lancer_11 says:

    So sick! Love the post game interviews hahaha

  45. JT-14 says:

    that would be sick

  46. Bouch says:

    hah.. unreal, those guys were stoked

  47. mony48 says:

    that would be the sickest thing ever

  48. Dutch says:

    that would have been amazing, great commercial

  49. Eric Forrest says:

    this should happen more often

  50. janesy19 says:

    haha that would have been a time

  51. Patty says:

    I could only dream….

  52. tyler_19 says:

    That made there day, I wish I could do this sometime.

  53. jette4 says:

    nice commercial

  54. ben14 says:

    maybe they could come do this in Michigan??

  55. Geurtsy says:

    great read

  56. Borr98 says:

    thats pretty sick

  57. shortsxit says:

    How many beer leagues play out of a place that seats over 1,000 people?

  58. MitchSmeth97 says:

    Beauty cmmerical

  59. beautygonger97 says:


  60. SpeedySaxe7 says:

    so nice of them !

  61. Burgos says:

    wish i was playing in that game. so sick!

  62. eags96 says:

    That’s unreal

  63. Mr. Dangles says:

    i couldnt even start to imagine

  64. dominic88 says:

    thats awsome ! good for them!

  65. aspen hank says:

    thats unreal, they did amazing

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