Hockey Goalie Can’t Stop Dancing In Net (Video)

Hockey Lifestyle™ — By on January 16, 2012 10:49 PM

This little tender can not stop dancing between plays in his net…..pretty funny stuff, check it out!



  1. Icebox89 says:

    this was me when i was a little mite. love it.

  2. bobby says:

    That was unreal ahahahaha

  3. tinger61 says:

    haha he’s dancing even during the plays

  4. fox says:

    Hahahahaha I was actually laughing SO hard at this. I’m at work ;) good thing no NHL teams are trading people during games tonight. This is sooo cute, reminds me a lot of a friend of mine from school who was notorious for busting a move during stops in play. What a little beauty this kid is!

  5. jenwells says:

    this kid is hilarious! i laughed so hard!

  6. NACMav says:

    This is incredibly amusing since it isnt the squirt goalie I coach. Or me. Coaches would’ve killed me if I did shenanigans like that.

  7. Bouch says:

    haha kid is stoked on hockey! coach is hating that new ipod pocket in the pads hah

  8. bigmattcuthbert says:

    Air Guitar… AMAZING!

  9. IceNinja3 says:

    Hahaha that lil kid is bada$$! He may as well keep busy since he isn’t facing any shots.

  10. Davis17 says:

    Goalies are so weird haha

  11. jetman says:

    i saw this video before i couldnt stop laughing

  12. JSmyrlJr says:

    Haha this kid is wild. I mean I’ve danced in net before, but never during the play. And I def. never used my stick as a mic before. That is classic! I’m not gonna lie, I’m stealing some of those moves.

  13. Eddie says:

    I’d say that’s crazy, but he IS a tendy!

  14. Keither says:

    at one point when he’s playing the air guitar, it looks like he’s doing something different. very funny.

  15. michaelbrill says:

    hahahaha this is great! only a tendy would wind up doing this!

  16. race says:

    this kid is an absolute beauty

  17. Rosey says:

    just hilarious. the kid loves life

  18. Joey Z says:

    Oh my what a good find! The head shifting during play was priceless. What a good chuckle for a rainy Tuesday thanks!

  19. ahahha thats too funny, the kid is a beaut

  20. Kerrzy says:

    I wonder what his GAA is haha

  21. TDM says:

    Didnt look like he was getting too much action so he had to stay loose some how.

  22. ezmoney says:

    Gotta love it, little kid enjoying the game.

  23. Beauty54 says:

    haha what a unreal tendy

  24. chrisfrat says:

    I would have likely tried to run him, but it is funny

  25. GWGoalie65 says:

    I wish I had time to rock out in the crease like that.

  26. sully says:


  27. Smiley says:

    getting ready for the bar

  28. Black says:

    can’t fault the little guy for having fun!

  29. Sifty21 says:

    hahaha, classic

  30. hasser4 says:

    if i ever played against a tender like this I would LOVE scoring on him, even more than usual, and if he was unreal and I couldnt score I would run him haha

  31. Hicksy90 says:

    hahaha good way to stay loose

  32. Sick Cellys 19 says:

    gotta do something to keep busy

  33. Gayso says:

    I used to do the same thing. Kids got some moves, thats for sure.

  34. Wilksy says:

    how many girls is this beauty gonna get 6 years from now eh

  35. Ironlung says:

    That little guy is the best. Wish either of my Bantam A goalies had an ounce of the enthusiasm he has.

  36. schmodey says:

    Boys can’t blame the kid haha, I used to play some tendy till I got smart and switched to D…. It gets boring as fuck back there!

  37. CaptainKlutch says:

    haha good for that kid!

  38. Capn Kev says:

    haha nice what a beauty

  39. Cousinsimon says:

    Loved the rockin air guitar!

  40. fhsgoalie30 says:

    haha unreal. kids hilarious

  41. Beattie says:

    had to be rocking a shutout to do this.. hilarious

  42. Millsythekyd says:

    get this kid a contract.

  43. crosvechkin says:

    hilarious, does’nt even stop when there’s pressure in his end

  44. cchockey4 says:

    what a beaut!

  45. CoryHunt10 says:

    Typical goalie haha

  46. Dutch says:

    haha, too funny

  47. jholmes says:

    funny as heck

  48. stang91 says:

    get em buddy! what ever keeps you warm and keeps you going

  49. Sheriff says:

    Hew fits goalie well

  50. mony48 says:

    im bored im bored so very board fulton great fulton great even tho he doesn’t know how to skatttte.

  51. Eric Forrest says:

    what a beauty lmao

  52. Patty says:

    He loves the game haha

  53. jette4 says:

    funny stuff

  54. shortsxit says:

    Tendies are a different breed

  55. Geurtsy says:

    great read

  56. Connor says:

    beauty moves

  57. dougs says:

    moves like jagger

  58. MitchSmeth97 says:

    Haha unreal

  59. beautygonger97 says:


  60. SpeedySaxe7 says:


  61. Jam10 says:

    hahah too funny

  62. Sniper8 says:

    lmao too jokes

  63. Burgos says:

    hes just givin’r

  64. eags96 says:

    I can picture bryzzy doing this

  65. Mr. Dangles says:

    What a beaut. I did that as a soccer tendy when I was five,and then I realized soccer was soccer, hockey was hockey, soccer was for the weak and helpless, and hockey was for beauties and tough guys. I’ve come a long ways.

  66. dominic88 says:

    sweet kid keep having fun !

  67. aspen hank says:

    what the hell…. hahaha

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