Dangle, Snipe and Celly

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Heyy gongers ;) It’s been a little while since my last post, I apologize With work and my recent trip to Mexico I have been busy. I have been meaning to do an article which was inspired by a song I recently discovered; it gave me the idea for a “Best Celly’s in the NHL” post…

So first up the video: I am not sure if any of you have heard of it but it is hilarious, definitely thought that some of you beauties would appreciate it.

The song is legit By Sammy OB and it’s apparently available on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dangle-snipe-celly-feat-kid/id412963932

And the lyrics:

Dangle snipe and celly,
Dangle snipe and celly,
Dangle snipe and celly man
Im gonna make a milli

got my backhand toe drags, my dangles they be perfect
slick on the ice, boy im ice game surfin
I’ll clown your ass, Yeah this is like a circus
3 on 3 and summer league, your efforts they be worthless
(cuz I) dangle snipe and celly,, I dangle snipe and celly
Got my Flow iced out , And my dangles they be chilly
You can catch me on my telly, I got dangles on my speed dial
I don’t need to think about it , Baby it’s a freestyle
Call it just dangles, Then im hittin top cheese
Got these benders breakin ankles, Snipin tenders when I please
D town stunnas, Yeah we goin for the white out
Cages and the shells, And the dangles we be iced out
You know I got the haters, In my ear like a blue tooth
Im blowin up the game , Poppin off like a moonroof
Actin like a rookie, Put the key in the ignition
I can serve you up some dangles, welcome to my kitchen
Just Dangle snipe and celly man, You know that’s my ambition
You want tickets to my danglefest, You have to pay admission
Yeahhh this a Remix ima, lyrical magician
Cuz its dangle snipe and celly, It’s the limited edition

The danglefest is all sold out youre gonna have to wait outside,
Dublin coffmans where we from we represent that rock pride
Once the puck is dropped the danglesfest it will begin,
I Dangle snipe and celly yeah kid pudi for the win
This one is for you coach pooley and you too coach adamick
You know when the pucks in the net its getting sniped from my stick
Backhand toedrag through the legs you know I dangle super hard
If you wanna learn my ways then come get a subscription card
To get the secret from me I can tell you it is pricey
In the end its worth it cuz my dangles are so icey
Im in defenders nightmares wish they knew what they could do,
They cry themselves to sleep because that fact right there is true
Dangle snipe and celly, dangle snipe and celly
Dangles hot out of the oven make em fresh like a deli
All I do is dangle man I really love that feeling
if your looking for your jockstrap you can find it in the ceiling (ohhh)
no angle no dangle I just settle for a snipe,
I pick myself a corner then I ding it off the pipe
After a quick dangle and a dirty snipe I celly,
You know I row the boat or superman upon my belly
The celly is the best [art man I do that shit for fun
Throw my glove up in the air and turn my stick into a gun
If you think that you can stop me then lets make a little bet,
Before you can respond the puck will be inside the net
My dangles are so dangerous try not to break your ankles
To accomplish that is tough because my motto is just dangles
You’ve always got to make sure the whole thing itself is pretty,
No dangle snipe and celly and we’ll know that you are shitty

Maybe his next song could be Wheel Snipe Party??


Celly: Short for “celebration” often used in the sports world after scoring a sick goal, having a filthy dangle or in the normal world, after scoring with a hot babe. A celly is not a party; rather it is a brief expression of joy, such as a fist pump. Also used in general terms when the full word “celebration” is too lame and thus inappropriate for use. “Dude did you see that sick celly by Gretzky after his game winner?”























The most animated players in the NHL are known for their post goal celebrations, past and present… who comes to mind? I was going to complile my own list but looks like Sports Center has already done my work for me:  TSN’s Sport Center Top Ten Goal Celebrations:



10- Travis Green & Zigmund Palffy
9- Wayne Gretzky
8- Sean Avery
7- Alex Kovalev
6- Marek Malik
5- Alexander Ovechkin
4- Milan Hejduk
3- Tiger Williams
2- Teemu Selanne
1- Theo Fleury


Is there any epic cellies in your hockey memory that deserve to be on the list?

Whether you celly on the Ice… or in NHL 13′:

Top button- Clean stick
Bottom button- Slide on ice
Left button- Slide on knees
Right button- Lift Knee/Arm pump
Far left trigger- Ride stick
Far right trigger- Aim gun
Left and right near triggers- Lift arms in air
Right stick- Pump fists

(You’re welcome) … Hockey celebrations have to be my favorite of any sport, because they are random, sparatic and animated. So to the players out there… do you have a go to celly? or do you just go with whatever comes over your body after scoring a beauty of a goal? Let me know in the comments below and you stay classy San Diego!



  1. rsails says:

    loved all the cellys. classic

  2. Bonesy says:

    Good Tune!! Selanne’s was by far the Best!!

  3. BeeMich13 says:

    Great tune. I didn’t know it was on iTunes though

  4. Smeeks says:

    haha sick song

  5. Shinobi says:

    Avery has to celly hard when he scores as little as he does

  6. lanker96 says:

    beauty cellies

  7. Bouch says:

    nhl12 has some good cellys but 13 needs some better ones!

  8. NACMav says:

    Selanne will always have the number one celly with me

  9. CaptainKlutch says:

    haha i like jagr’s celly this year. Love the list!

  10. seanzimmer says:

    patty kane has some beauty cellys

  11. Capn Kev says:

    pretty true song

  12. njdevils923 says:

    great song

  13. sully says:

    dangle snipe and celly!!!

  14. tybay79 says:

    sick dangle snipe and celly…..

  15. cchockey4 says:

    never gets old

  16. B Hef says:

    one of the best post/articles in this blog so far, clutch video of all them sick cellys

  17. JSmyrlJr says:

    Thanks for this, TSB. Great stuff, love the tweets too!

  18. Gunner says:

    needs a new video, good tune tho…

  19. carrickgonger_21 says:

    would have liked to see the ice fishing celly ;)

  20. wardzy89 says:

    i just LOLED!

  21. draper55 says:

    Honestly, this had to be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen

  22. Holtzy says:

    I think that music video is trash, good lyrics but since when is it all about making a rap in your moms basement, kids should be out working on their game rather than trying to rap about hockey.

  23. chrisfrat says:

    Dangle snipe and celly man
    Im gonna make a milli

  24. cheddabob says:

    this is goin straight on the itunes haha

  25. Eric Forrest says:

    gotta love a good celly

  26. julz says:

    has been on my ipod for the past month or so

  27. Borr98 says:

    so sick, i lvoe that song

  28. Sick Cellys 19 says:

    thats pretty dirty

  29. HeadShotzHockey says:

    SOlid song guy!

  30. Beelz says:

    solid tune and a great article

  31. Bomber says:

    love a good old fashioned double fist pump.

  32. lj says:

    So ridiculous, hahah.

  33. vladdy89 says:

    Brieres got the dirtiest windup fist pump, surprised he’s not on the list

  34. vladdy89 says:

    Love cammalleri’s serious fist pump after he snipes a one timer

  35. rgayso says:

    Uh that song is questionable.

  36. FnAllstar93 says:

    So dope!!

  37. fhsgoalie30 says:

    hahaha great song

  38. hauntsie8 says:

    Haha great vid

  39. race says:

    sick cellys, especially theo

  40. Buma12 says:

    couple beauty snipes

  41. taylorgraham says:

    nice track

  42. kirstenlocke says:

    fucking love this

  43. adamotm says:

    that was great

  44. hockeygirl says:

    Love it!!

  45. schmodey says:

    Just got this song for the ipod, just got up got a game tonight this video just got me JACKED to play. Anyone else lucky enough to still be living the dream and cellyin’ hard everyday

  46. jschrecko says:

    Amazing song, going to download that right now! Great SportsCenter cellies, too. Green and Palffy though. Shaking my head as an Isles fan. Haha

  47. gino_hard13 says:

    amazing video

  48. welcome to the danglefest go ahead and take a seat, i can serve you up some dangles if you really want to eat ‘em

  49. kokey says:

    solid article, fucking awful song

  50. jette4 says:

    dangle snipe andcelly

  51. beautygonger97 says:


  52. Sniper8 says:

    unreal song

  53. Burgos says:

    sick jam. gonna be stuck in my head all week now haha

  54. vinny1997 says:


  55. vinny1997 says:


  56. Mr. Dangles says:

    That would be myself

  57. dominic88 says:

    dangle, snipe and celly all night long !!

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