Coach’s Sister: What, Were You Raised In A Barn?

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This is Coach’s World, Im just living in it…I’m Coach’s Sister.

Just being "The Greatest Auntie In the World" with my future super star!

Last Saturday I took my nephew to a preseason matchup between the Bruins and the Islanders; it was for his 10th birthday and his first NHL game.  Thomas is his hero as he wants to start as a goalie next season himself and I was definitely relieved when The Wizard was starting in net that night.  I did the super aunty thing, called an old “friend”, and got his named on the screen and announced during the second period.  He was a stud because pretty much every Squirt in Connecticut was there (there’s no proteam so basically the masses came out to see the Stanley Cup Champs) and saw him get props.  Not that the kid needed that to feel good about himself…the next morning he was filthy on the ice.  It was actually an exciting game and other then the frustration of not having all the players out there (I really wanted to know who Julien was thinking of anchoring Bergy and NoseFace Killah on the second line and who ultimately ends up with Segs) my nephew saw some action, “Tata, Clark’s face exploded…there was blood everywhere” Ahh from the mouths of babes after seeing their first NHL fight up close and personal.  It was great to see Moulson (@MMoulson), Tavares and the new Captain Streit in action (always have a special place in my heart for the Isle)and the tribute to all of the hockey players lost this summer, NHL and KHL, brought tears to my eyes (the moron behind me “Who died?”, me “An entire team…shut up and respect”).  Of course, just like almost every game, someone stopped to tell me they knew my family, “I went home from the rink with your brothers the night you were born…oh my God do you look like your Mother” it never gets old and just reminds me truly what a family the hockey community really is.  However, most of all it was amazing watch my nephew take in The Show for the first time (do you remember your first time?) and on the way out he asked me if HE could take me to a game for MY birthday…told you total stud.

The next morning I woke up to “you better skate so hard your legs fall off” typical sounds for a Sunday morning in my family…its nice to be home.  Had to be at the rink first thing for a game, also typical of the last forty years in my family, just now there is a new generation playing, it’s a beautiful thing.  Got to the rink and the younger ones who don’t play run to the trophy case “Where’s the picture of Poppy and Uncles?” every time as if they don’t see it every weekend while attending their older brother’s games, it’s a beauty of a pic with Coach Sr rocking sick flow and a stache that would put Tom Selak to shame and both my brothers with the worst bowl cuts in history…rotting lettuce haha.  The night before my nephew kept repeating “they’re so fast in person”, he said the B’s/NYI game inspired him…and did it ever.  Not only did he get a goal in a 6-1 win, but he forced multiple turn overs, the kid was a plumber getting into corners like a snake.  When he got called for slashing I got mad and said a little too loud “You did nothing wrong! Not your fault you’re bigger”, my sister told me I wasn’t appropriate, but I was just saying if that other kid wasn’t such a bender  he wouldn’t have fallen over and there wouldn’t have been a call…not my nephew’s fault we breed beasts in this family.  All in all a great visit back home.

I had to get back north because I had a date with this older guy, I’ve seen him a few times over the summer, he’s royalty so you kind of have to drop what you’re doing when invited to hang with him for the day…his name is Stanley.  I originally was going to have Coach Senior join me but unfortunately he’s been pretty sick lately and couldn’t make the trip so I dragged one of my best (and only) girlfriends JL (@JLynn38) along for a day of hockey and a photo ops! 

We're not morning people, but 3 cups in we were good.

We were greeted with bagels but made a mad dash for the coffee; we were clearly out of place (only people not dressed in Black and Gold and wearing 4 inch heels) but didn’t care.  JL was a good sport listening to me ramble on about the lines at practice and second guessing what was going to work for the third and fourth lines and who was missing and blah blah.  There were a fair amount of fans there and very few pink buckets…thank God.  One of the guys working with the breakfast was I think trying to tease us (?) and asked if we were skating (I hate when men assume I know nothing about hockey simply because I’m not decked out in fan gear and because I like to dress up at the rink).  Sensing his tone I replied, “I wish, Im getting a pair of Bauer APX for my birthday next week and would love to take ‘em for a spin on this ice”…he was silent after that.  Also, there was a security guard, easily in his 70s chirpin up a storm.  There was a banner there for my alma mater, an NCAA Division 1 hockey school, I posed for a picture next to it sporting the #1…this guy starts shouting “Nothing good ever came from New Hampshire”…seriously buddy? I’m not even from New Hampshire! Then as people were walking by he shouts “How much money over the years do you think you spent in tickets to get to kiss the Cup? $50,000?” he was brutal to people (who weren’t even season ticket holders)…definite beaut and possible Habs fan.

Well that’s it, we had a blast…got really silly later on when we had an awkward moment involving my lack of ninja skills, a flag and 2 of the players. I can’t believe the summer is over and the season is really here. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve…well Hockey Season Opener Eve.  Actually, by the time you read this it will be here.  My buddies at the Boston hockey blog Days Of Y’Orr ( did a tribute with “The Night Before Hockey” poem, it was hilarious, as they are, IF you can handle a chirp.  And yes the rings are AMAZING and ridiculously HUGE!

"2 Girls, 1 Stanley Cup" JL and I manhandle the Chalice.

“Demolish the bridges behind you…then there is no choice but to build again” new phrase in the Bruins locker room and pretty good advice for us all heading into this fresh season.  Best of luck lads and yes, I was raised in a barn and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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    • CoachsSister says:

      yes, He’s tall & skinny and all kinds of double jointed and flexible…born keep. Plus he really watches the game, like 3 steps ahead of the puck. Smart kid. He idolizes Thomas and I use to date a tender so he got interested then.

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