Life as a San Jose Shark – By Brent Burns

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Gongshow will be featuring from time to time guest NHL Blog posts from current and former players to give you a first hand account of the NHL Lifestyle. Our first blog entry comes from San Jose Sharks star Brent Burns, as he discusses life adjusting to a new team and city after being traded from Minnesota this off season.  GSH

 Life as a San Jose Shark – by Brent Burns

Whats up Gongers!?

It’s definitely been a crazy summer for my family and I so far -we had a new baby boy born in our house, and then five days later got the phone call from former General Manager Chuck Fletcher letting me know that I had been traded from the Minnesota Wild to the San Jose Sharks.

From there it was pretty crazy; we took a five day trip out west to check out the city a little bit, and of course meet everyone with the Sharks organization. After we were here we knew we were going to love the city – the weather is just unreal, food is great and it’s a huge hockey town. There is so many good spots to eat here I am going to have to make sure i don’t’ eat my self outta the league!

We decided when we got back to Minny that we would head down to SJ and move in early – August 4th was the day we left – so that I could get training with the Sharks, get on the ice for some skates with the guys and get used to our new home. Training here is absolutely unreal, – we have one of the best guys around in Mike Potenza, he really listens to everyone and has a vast amount of knowledge to share with us.  He is able take all that he knows and puts it altogether in a bagger of a workout for the boys!  He focuses on a lot of sport specific training for hockey with groins, hips and glutes being a big thing.  To keep things fun, he also mixes in a lot of other things that make like a little bit of  yoga, surfing (will crush any human it’s so hard),  biking (road and mountain) and last but not least Ju Jitsu!

In  terms of the lifestyle away from the rink  everyday out here is just awesome – I leave the house around 7:30 Am, and every day the weather is just a dream – a little humidity from the ocean and some clouds, but most of the time by 9AM It’s all clear and just blue skies with the temperatures floating around  75/80F – just a beauty.   Being the only professional sports team close by has a lot of cool perks for us Shark players and let’s us do some pretty cool things – I have had the chance to do a couple really good charity events, golfing at some unreal courses and seeing some cool spots around town that I never knew were here! One highlight since I have been here in San Jose, was going to the famous bicycle manufacturing center for “Specialized” and checking out the factory there which just blew me away! It was unreal seeing how they build amazing bikes and test them out until they achieve perfection.  I was in the market for a new bike for a while  and I am definitely going to light up some mountains on the new Specialized Venge next off season here in SJ!

So, there is another couple weeks for training before camp starts and of course it’s nice to meet the rest of the boys on the team as they get into town – I can say my experience in this city has been awesome so far.

Now it’s time to buckle down on workouts, skates and focus on a good diet to get that body fat down before testing in training camp –  no more tasty Mexican food until after! Best of luck boys and thanks to the boys at Gongshow for letting me be a guest blogger this season on  here, stay tuned for posts down the line!

P.S. We will be raising money for, (my charity of choice I support ) through a clothing hat and t-shirt made by the boys from Gongshow – look for these “Burnsey’s Battalion” pieces for sale on their website real soon 




  1. gotmokie518 says:

    little warmer in the shark tank than it is in minnesota

  2. sam96 says:

    Brent burns = beauty

  3. B-Celley says:

    met him awhile back, true beauty

  4. Joey Z says:

    I think he’s adjusting well.

  5. Yoo Hate Me says:

    Good stuff Burnzie

  6. Rides says:

    what a character

  7. Burnsy’s got some sick flow in the pics looking good. hope the season is unreal and you enjoy cali

  8. Larsy says:

    Sounds like a terrible time. Jokes

  9. njdevils923 says:

    burnzy what a beauty enjoy the sun in sj go sharks

  10. fox says:

    Atta kid, Burnzie … come a long way since your Couch Terriers days haha light’er up out there bro

  11. minnesotagirl71 says:

    Glad you are enjoying SJ! We just booked a trip to see you play in Phoenix in March – really looking forward to a trip out of the snow and cold that is a Minny winter!

  12. scottadams says:

    better hit Joey T backdoor every game

  13. roemer says:

    burnsys a beaut

  14. jackal says:

    burnsy you beaut, your gonna do fine wherever you are. i wanna see these burnsies battallion shirts tho, they gotta be a beaut

  15. CaptainKlutch says:

    He’s living the dream!

  16. vanny says:

    thata boy burnsy! good luck in SJ!

  17. Holtzy says:

    Burnsy is such a beauty, he’ll be missed here in Minny but wish him the best!

  18. kerrymb20 says:

    Sharks fans are so happy to have you here and look forward to seeing you play in teal this season!

  19. flowmans88 says:

    why couldnt this gonger come to the leafs

  20. morty19 says:

    Burnz is a beauty. Follow him on the twitter.

  21. fhsgoalie30 says:

    livin the dream

  22. Bomber says:

    beauty flow. will be looking for the battalion shirt at the local Pro Hockey Life.

  23. Sick Cellys 19 says:

    Golf all day on the off season

  24. JSmyrlJr says:

    Good stuff, Burnsy. Good luck on the upcoming season!

  25. Mack Daddy says:

    great pick up! love burnzy!

  26. Rawlies says:

    mint flow burnsy, ur a beauty

  27. shortsxit says:

    What a beaut! I’d buy him a beer.

  28. keller33 says:

    great idea lads

  29. I_Toss_Sauce says:

    great job burnsy

  30. patsy54 says:

    what a beaut he is

  31. patsy54 says:

    unreal burnsy

  32. hauntsie8 says:

    Man burns is a beaut!

  33. Kellsworth10 says:

    class act

  34. Capn Kev says:

    Burns is on the gongshow train no doubtt

  35. bealsy says:

    upgrade for sure!

  36. watty91 says:

    Burnsy is a PURE beaut wish i could grow flow like that

  37. Bouch says:

    love all the new transactions.. burns is a great fit to rep gonshow in cali

  38. cppd1693 says:

    burnsy’s a beaut!

  39. dirtymcgirty26 says:

    what a beauty some nasty flow aswell

  40. olmer says:

    another beauty livin the life

  41. icehole93 says:

    What a beauty! Sick flow !

  42. caper says:

    What a beauty. Keep it up Burnzie

  43. jholmes says:

    what a beaut!

  44. rsails says:

    i really liked burns in minnesota. oh well, he’s still a beauty in my book

  45. janesy19 says:

    livin the dream

  46. cchockey4 says:

    what a beauty

  47. Reg Dunlop says:

    Great piece burnsie…. look forward to more

  48. julzwhitman says:

    brett burns is a tank we’re gonna miss him down here in minny

  49. Rosey says:

    Burnsy is a beaut, some of the sickest flow in the league. Guy throws sauce blue to blue all day

  50. cmacnaughty12 says:

    lettuce is gold all year round

  51. macky_27 says:

    such a beauty. I played football with his younger brother back in highschool and have met Brent a couple times. Such a gem

  52. michaelhauch says:

    Wish he would of never left Minny, hate the sharks, go wings.

  53. samvincent says:

    definition of living the dream… unreal

  54. Kyle88 says:

    Burnsy is a beaut

  55. spoole63 says:

    liven the dream with a little flow….beaut!

  56. santa2aa says:

    These guys are livin the dream 24/7

  57. Black says:

    Sounds like it doesn’t get any better. Another Canadian boy ‘living the dream’.

  58. 8pmb96 says:

    Burnzie is amazing person.. I sure will miss him on the Wild!

  59. Burnssy895 says:

    Burnzie you really are livin’ the dream, always been a fan and now I’m hooked, sick player and a true beauty, keep it up !

  60. OCHC says:

    just came back from a san jose tourney at the sharks practice facility

  61. Bonesy says:

    Look forward to hearing more from this beauty!!

  62. hasser4 says:

    Burnsy is just a beast, and a beauty I suppose

  63. jsavage14 says:

    white and orange twig… beauty

  64. Hansauce89 says:

    hahaha beautty

  65. NACMav says:

    So jealous burnsy. You make SJ sound like the perfect spot to tear it up.

  66. taylorgraham says:


  67. taylorgraham says:


  68. taylorgraham says:


  69. taylorgraham says:


  70. taylorgraham says:


  71. taylorgraham says:

    nu real

  72. taylorgraham says:

    un real

  73. Matt says:

    what a beaut, haha. his flow is unreal

  74. farlow10 says:

    living the dream

  75. jschrecko says:

    Burnzie is awesome. Say what up to my boy, James Marcou, childhood friend of mine.

  76. Dutch says:

    very classy, remember stories from Couch

  77. Beauty54 says:

    inreal beautys

  78. tybay79 says:

    brent burns is awesome

  79. schmodey says:

    Burnsy’s a beauty, love his work and support with Gongshow

  80. jette4 says:

    livin the dream

  81. MitchSmeth97 says:

    Livin the dream

  82. Jam10 says:

    livin the dream

  83. beautygonger97 says:


  84. dominic88 says:

    brent burns = legend

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