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Gongshow Gear Hockey is known for supporting various charitable causes and recently the team rallied around an incredibly important group raising awareness for mental health known as Do It For Daron or D.I.F.D. for short. To explain D.I.F.D. and it’s importance we wanted to share Daron’s story directly from the D.I.F.D. website.

On November 13, 2010, 14-year-old Daron Richardson died by suicide. From this tragedy came a movement to transform youth mental health. Spearheaded by Daron’s parents Luke and Stephanie Richardson, who decided to transform their very private pain into a public call-to-action, a decision was made to support young people who suffer in silence from the pain and stigma of mental illness. Supported by the energy and efforts of dozens of Daron’s close friends and classmates, a grassroots movement was formed with the mission of creating awareness, inspiring conversations, and transforming youth mental health.

Do It For Daron (DIFD) encourages young people to talk openly about mental illness and to ask for help when needed. DIFD provides young people, their parents, teachers, coaches and other adult role models with the resources, outlets and, most importantly, courage to overcome the shame and fear of discussing mental illness. The purple DIFD heart, a creation inspired by Daron’s favourite colour, has become the youth-driven symbol of this movement. It is a visual reminder that only love and awareness, not hiding in the shadows, can combat youth mental illness.

Gongshow gear is proud to have designed and sold an exclusive lid to raise funds for D.I.F.D. and the important message of mental health awareness being relayed throughout communities through their initiatives and multiple undertakings. Gongshow’s sales of the D.I.F.D. lid are ongoing, as is our support of Do It For Daron.

To date Gongshow Gear has raised over $20,000 to benefit D.I.F.D. through lid sales and a charity golf tournament. On February 8th, 2014 Gongshow Gear presented D.I.F.D. with a check for $12,500.o0 during the Binghamton Senators Vs. Hamilton Bulldogs hockey game in support of D.I.F.D. held at Canadian Tire Centre. D.I.F.D. lids are still available for sale and can be purchased by clicking HERE.

To learn more about Daron and D.I.F.D. please visit www.difd.com!

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