Gongshow Saucer King Game: Official Rules Of Play

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 Gongshow Saucer King Official Rules of Play

Last year, during the Gongshow Off Season Training Video Shoot with all our hockey buddies on the beach screwing around, a game was invented to kill time and crush a few cold ones.  We called it Gongshow Saucer King….turns out it’s a unreal game for hockey players to mess around in the off season and you can play it anywhere – on the beach, back yard, the street, or at a party. Since we posted the rules of play the game has taken off around the world, especially in Canada and the US – for the record, here are the OFFICIAL RULES OF PLAY:

Players:  Saucer King can be played 1 vs 1 or it can be played as teams (2 vs 2) – rules are the same for both singles and doubles.


Equipment:  Each player needs a twig, you need one puck (more if you throw brutal saucers) , you will need 2 platforms to throw the saucers off of (this can be a peice of plywood, basically anything you can get a puck launched off of), and a 2 small nets  this can be anything you have really, but should be about the size of 2 empty beer box cases (this is often what we use with a weight on the inside) – if you really want a legit setup snag a few mini hockey nets like we had here in the picture). You will need something to throw the saucers over in the middle of the two  nets – ideally this is a keg of beer, but it can be shorter depending on the distance you have to play with – longer the distance the higher the obstacle.  The height of the middle object is discretionary but rule of thumb is that it should be around 2 feet high.


Rule #1

Distance – distance is flexible, we recognize that not everyone has a corn field like “Field Of Dreams” behind their house, so use your discretion here fellas – to increase difficulty, make the distance between the two nets further apart.  As you go further. the obstacle in the middle can become higher – and vice versa if you make the game closer.  To decide who shoots first, the players take turns saucing pucks back and forth until one of them gets it in the net (as a general rule, if one team is wearing Gongshow he automically goes first – if both teams are you must have a shoot off).


Rule #2

Player must always clear the obstacle in the middle with a distinct saucer pass – no flipping the pucks etc – dont be a plug.  If the puck does not clear and still goes into the net – the goal does NOT count.  The puck has to end up in the net, so there is no need to regulate that the puck should go right over the obstacle – because its lined up with the net.


Rule #3

Each time you score a goal, you get a letter – the word is G-O-N-G-S-H-O-W that you must spell out to win the game.  Basically it takes 8 goals to win GONGSHOW Saucer King.  You must win by 2 snipes, if you are tied the 2nd word begins of SAUCER and KING etc until a winner is proclaimed.


Rule #4


If playing Doubles (2 on 2) each player takes one shot.  Example.  Team GONGSHOW player #1 shoots, and then team Gongshow Player #2 shoots. You can potentially score 2 goals in one shooting if your good.


Rule #5 

If you are of legal drinking age – the following variation of the game can be played:  Each time the other team scores in your net,  you must chug your beer.  If playing teams, only 1 player has to chug the beer for his team (can be either player)- this way you can get through the game, and at a max only have to drink 4 beers each.  Basically there is an element of Beer Pong in Gongshow Saucer King.


Another Variation – you can play BackHanded Saucer King – which is obviously allot harder and requires more skill.


Enjoy fellas, be safe and like anything if your drinking be smart and no your limits- and spread the word (please share this) to your hockey buddies ONLY – if you have good videos or pics playing this beaut of a game- post them up, we are picking one winner for the best video or pic for some free swag!  Also, like and TWEET this to be entered as well! 

The GSH Boys



  1. SpeedySaxe7 says:

    Rule #5…beauty

  2. GWGoalie65 says:

    This is some off season training I can get behind.

  3. Tendy31 says:

    Soooooo sick

  4. CaptainKlutch says:

    haha love it ill have to hit that up at the cottage next weekend boys!

  5. TheREALStallman says:

    Thanks for the rules! Givin er a shot with the boys after work this week

  6. J-Miller93 says:

    unreal game for the cotty

  7. jetman says:

    sick game!

  8. Rosey says:

    Can’t wait for the weather to warm up to rock this beauty

  9. beautygonger97 says:


  10. Cousinsimon says:

    Looks like it would be a good time to hang out with those beauts! Gonna wear my Players T and my Sick Cellies T along with my Goon hat to summer hockey and riding while my motorcycle to parties for sure!!!!

  11. Gabe says:

    great game to play this summer!

  12. kennywuxu says:

    great game, can’t wait to play it sometime

  13. Joey Z says:

    Soo so awesome! Hope to try this soon!

  14. Bonesy says:

    Thanks Fellas!! can’t wait to try this

  15. slapshot1015 says:

    great training exercise

  16. Eddie says:

    the ultimate summer game

  17. Tallyfromcali8 says:

    My new summer training program

  18. lanker96 says:

    unreal game, nothing better to play on a nice Canadian summer day

  19. morgs says:

    Great breakdown! Now to set it all up.

  20. A-Snow says:

    Wanna see me get drunk? Challenge me to this game…automatic loss… #NoSkills…there’s a reason I was a cheerleader…but I’ll def pass this on to the boys. #SidelineDrinker #GongshowCheerleader

  21. Beauty54 says:

    nice Breakdown

  22. hasser4 says:

    cant wait to play this at the cotty

  23. Keither says:

    with an up coming knee surgery sidelining me for the summer, this will be about as close to summer puck as I’ll be getting.

  24. zacher14 says:

    unreal game fellas

  25. duggan10 says:

    Can’t wait to play this game with the boys this summer

  26. schmodey says:

    Great way to pass some time while still workin on the mitts

  27. storm9114 says:

    nastiest off season game

  28. ben14 says:

    definently trying this

  29. Capn Kev says:

    thanks boys, looking forward to seeting up a game with myself and the lads

  30. aiks_21 says:

    beauty, cant wait to play

  31. Kirb says:

    great little game to pass the time and work on the sauce

  32. samuellawrence says:

    sooo Unreal.. Creator = Pure genius

  33. cchockey4 says:

    love it

  34. michaelbrill says:

    unreal, what better way to get in a little praccy but also have a few brewskis at the same time?

  35. Doogler says:

    fuckin beeuty

  36. Hicksy90 says:

    that sounds unreal… think i found my new summer activity haha

  37. im telling all of my friends about this one

  38. thehockeymaster says:

    the game of hockey is at it’s best with blood, sweat and injuries! we tough boys rocking it not only on the ice because of our gongshow gear off ice!

  39. Gonger17 says:

    Best Game invented

  40. gino_hard13 says:

    sick game

  41. Doogler says:

    move over beer pong

  42. Hendu says:

    better than beer pong

  43. jclyons1 says:

    Played my first game on the W/E with my son. Sick game

  44. beautygonger97 says:


  45. adecola43 says:

    such a great game

  46. Sniper8 says:

    such a unreal game

  47. Murray says:

    whatta great game

  48. Burgos says:

    starting this asap!

  49. Habs13 says:

    play at the cottage all the time

  50. Oilkingshockey says:

    Seriously just played this all weekend… Cant function… Solid Idea

  51. KingGong says:

    Rule 5 is very Canadian of you boys

  52. Sheriff says:

    love the cottage

  53. shortsxit says:

    When are we gonna see some official GSG Saucer King gear?

  54. adamotm says:

    good stuff !!!!

  55. goalieboyy says:

    play all day

  56. vinny1997 says:

    so fun play everyday

  57. pop the cherry says:


  58. Mr. Dangles says:

    Gotta get on that one

  59. dominic88 says:

    amazing game !!

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