Claude Giroux Mic’ed Up at Winter Classic – (Video)

Hockey Lifestyle™ — By on January 9, 2012 6:27 PM

As you all now, Claude Giroux is having a killer season – this video gives you a little behind the scenes chirping on the ice! .  Check out the video below and some pics from Claude at Gongshow Saturdays rocken some swag and livin the lifestyle…..GSH

Here is Claude last summer at Gongshow Saturdays at the Great Canadian Cabin as our Guest Gongshow bartender, rocken GSH Dirty Mitts tee and bucket


  1. jetman says:

    looks like a good bartender but even better player go giroux

  2. adamotm says:

    that was a crazy night!!!

  3. hasser4 says:

    he is just an unreal beaut all around!

  4. B Hef says:

    G is a pure beauty!

  5. CaptainKlutch says:

    is that the second goal of rupps career,haha classic

  6. Shinobi says:

    He’s a freakin stud. What a joke he didn’t get voted to start the all star game.

  7. cchockey4 says:

    what a beaut

  8. Bouch says:

    wild he didnt get voted to the allstar game and what a plug for using Jagr’s celly!

  9. Rosey says:

    Haha the kids chirps are as good as his hands

  10. JSmyrlJr says:

    As soon as the Flyers drafted G, I knew this kid was gonna be a stud. Chirps, hands, bar-tending, he can do it all. Favorite player in the league, hands down!

  11. Keither says:

    it is retarded he didn’t get voted to start the all star game

  12. chrisfrat says:

    Been one of my fav since the playoffs 2 years ago

  13. Eddie says:

    Even as a Pens fan I gotta admit the guy is a beaut

  14. Joey Z says:

    What a guy! Wish the NHL had more players like him!

  15. Pete says:

    To be fair, Rupp did score the game winning goal in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals and the one after that. That’s a pretty big deal. Still, thought it was a little shmelty to do the Jagr salute, especially with him getting hurt earlier in the game.

  16. michaelbrill says:

    great chirps, G is just an all around beauty. loved watching 24/7 to hear stuff like that

  17. Wilksy says:

    such a beauty

  18. IceNinja3 says:

    Great chirps but he would never drop the mitts to back any of it up.

  19. Beauty54 says:

    beauty chirps

  20. Kerrzy says:

    Giroux is a top notch beaut haha I love the behind the scenes stuff

  21. Cousinsimon says:

    Love the guy and I happen to know a few guys who played with and against him back home!

  22. NACMav says:

    G calling out Rupper for saluting on his “second goal of his career” is pretty priceless. Gold comes off his stick and outta his mouth.

  23. njicedogs11 says:

    claudes a boss

  24. lanker96 says:

    haha “if he scores hes gunna do the anismov” Giroux is a beauty

  25. jtolts94 says:

    Giroux is a beauty, its funny how people in high school or wherever ur playin do it but i thought stopped cause the old man told me its wasnt like it back in his day but its part of hockey now so its a beauty

  26. Capn Kev says:

    Whens this guy gonna be considered as good as the likes of crosby, ovechkin etc? I think he’s getting there forsure

  27. race says:

    what an absolute beauty

  28. schmodey says:

    I know we have the advantage of hind-sight but what were all 20 other teams thinking when they passed him over hahaha, good news cuz I’m a Flyers fan tho :D

  29. Bonesy says:

    ahahah G is unreal!! 24/7 was awesome this year

  30. crosvechkin says:

    unreal player

  31. tyler_19 says:

    “thats the second goal of your fucking career” hahaha

  32. morgs says:

    Haha he is funny as hell!

  33. Sick Cellys 19 says:

    thats some funny stuff

  34. Baumer says:

    “C’mon let me score one tonight please” haha unreal

  35. janesy19 says:

    girouxs a beauty

  36. CoryHunt10 says:

    Unreal. Just say who you are taking on haha

  37. stang91 says:

    beaut for sure

  38. gino_hard13 says:

    true beauty

  39. Patty says:

    pure bread beauty!

  40. jette4 says:

    pure beauty

  41. Geurtsy says:

    great read

  42. dougs says:

    such a beauty

  43. nickster96 says:

    too funny

  44. MitchSmeth97 says:

    Unreal he’s a beauty

  45. beautygonger97 says:


  46. njicedogs11 says:


  47. Gabe says:


  48. adecola43 says:

    absolute beauty

  49. Sniper8 says:

    true beauty

  50. Burgos says:

    giroux has the best fuckin chirps, dangles, and i can safely assume bartending haha.

  51. dominic88 says:

    amazing player

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