Coach’s Sister: Hurricanes, Zebras and Bears! Oh My!

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This is Coach’s World, I’m just living in it…I’m Coach’s Sister.

Me and JL before the was a double fisted kind of night.

I was fully planning on emailing Macker this week and saying “Listen, I’m still recovering and don’t have anything to write about…no blog this week”, then very last minute I was able to go to the Bruins Canes game Tuesday night at the Garden.  Eh, I thought, despite my undying (and rather pathetic) love for the Hartford Whalers I still didn’t get very excited about the thought of this game, but hey it was better than my first workout back since my injury (which was scheduled for Tuesday at 7).  So I called up my girl JL (@Jlynn38) and said meet me at North Station should be a quiet evening.

Well the first period was rather usual…unfortunately for the Bruins “usual” has recently become synonymous with underperforming and garbage, other than Skinner trying to get some Greco roman wrestling on with Ference with no call and a great performance from Ward…not a very exciting 20 minutes.  Canes’ goal…beer down.  Second period things got a little more interesting.  After about 5 minutes, Harrison went after Horty, Big Z was not happy about it and went to defend his recently concussed 1stliner, Lucic (who had previously been reported missing by the Bruins front office after not showing up for the first 5 games of the season) tried to dance with anyone and everyone but despite getting him going no one would drop the gloves (I can only imagine this is the same frustration my old boyfriend felt those first 2 years in college dating me…sorry Ben). Then Ward got chippy with the 6’9” beast for some unknown reason (after the game he commented that Chara is too big and shouldn’t be fighting other players because he’s unfairly bigger…okay Cam didn’t you learn anything from Luongo about Keeps who mouth off to the media?) and the ever intimidating Rask skated over to see what all the fuss was about…all 140lbs of him ready to scrap.  This craziness woke up the crowd and things for the remainder of the game just became ridiculous…but in a train wreck kind of ridiculous, hard to watch but you just can’t turn away and you oddly enjoy the disaster.  After the second period the Bruins had 23 penalty minutes (17 for Chara alone) and 13 for the Canes.  Alright boys, let’s bring on the Ol’ Time Hockey I thought…another Canes’ goal…more beer down. very, very quiet, Im hunting zebra.

Third period.  Now this is where the Canes become that kid in school that shoots spitballs at you and when you turn around the teacher catches you and punishes you…only the Bruins didn’t just turn around, they turned around, dragged the kid out of class, punched him and got suspended…and for what? A couple spitballs?  Come on guys, you’re finger prints are still fresh on Lord Stanley. It was literally a meltdown, a very entertaining meltdown, but a meltdown nevertheless.  Horton beyond lost his cool and even though Gleason was such an instigator all night who refused to drop the mitts, Horty went all O.J Simpson on him and headed off to the showers a wee earlier than his teammates.  Kelly even got in on a fight (tremendous “Headless Horseman” call on the sweater pull on Sutter…classic commentary by Jack Edwards) and once again no one wanted to dance with Lucic (perhaps he should call Dancing With the (not so) Stars?).  Up until this point in the game it was totally the Bruins fault, but I can only assume that the refs got jealous of Boston’s suckiness and decided to start being terrible as well! Hey when in Rome…

After that it got brutal, any bit of contact from a Bruins player was a call, Marchy got thrown out…still not sure why and it happened right in front of me, all I know is I heard an official yell “Get the bleep outta here”.  Brad goes back to the bench, after all he did nothing wrong…well maybe facewash Skinner, but the zebra stampede heads over and tells him to leave…the rest of the game was a blur. Suddenly litter starts raining from above…I had just watched about 50 minutes of garbage I didn’t need it flying through the air.  The Bruins fans had freaked and started throwing everything (including a bottle of Captain Morgan) on the ice at the officials.  I have to admit, after hearing what they were saying (I’ve never witnessed such unprofessionalism from NHL officials) I was fantasizing about a pride of lions rushing onto the ice and devouring those zebras like a scene from Animal Planet.  I just wanted to watch some hockey, it was bad enough the Bruins were ranking up the barn like my horse Marbles after a few too many apples, now the refs were constantly stopping play.  I had a few pints in me and start yelling “Hey, I thought real hockey players skate with sticks?” (Note: kids I do not condone this behavior, it was very, very, very bad! Please always respect your referees!) And I think I embarrassed poor JL.  Most of the people sitting around us were kicked out for their behavior; luckily JL went to high school with some of the security guys so we were okay.  At the end of the night 3 players and Julien were all tossed from the game, Bruins lost (totally their own fault), and the fans even got a penalty! We had a great time and were relieved when a flying puck hit the lady to our right rather than us! YAY!

Always, always repping GSG at the rink!

Quote of the night goes to JL after Staal scored, mocked the crowd by hitting the boards and skated right past us with a very smug look to the Boston fans: “Is he Canadian? Because he has that Canadian look in his face.” “What’s that?” “I don’t know, that CANADIAN look”…haha beauty.  We also met some nice guys sitting behind us who were great sports and took a picture with us wearing our Gonger hats.

Basically, despite terrible hockey and probably the worst NHL officiating I’ve ever seen (that was NOT boarding), it was quite the eventful night and there is nothing like being right in the thick of the action and so close you can hear all the calls, chirps, rants and other craziness on the ice.  The Stanley Cup champs showed the hockey world exactly how not to behave and I’m sure Brendan Shanay-nay will be making some phone calls to the 617 area code.  However, it was fun watching a live performance of Slapshot and I think I’m really converting JL into a hockey fan.

Sharing GSG with new friends…wheel, snipe, party!

Check out the all the shenanigans from Tuesday night here.

Lou Gehrig said “The ballplayer who loses his head, who can’t keep his cool, is worse than no ballplayer at all.”  Maybe someone should have shared those words with Boston before the game.

Okay lads…remember keep your heads up and your sticks down.


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    great read keep it up.

  2. Bouch says:

    some good lookin broads

  3. Joey Z says:

    Wow another great read… and I loved the Slapshot comparison.

  4. JSmyrlJr says:

    It was a terrible game for Boston, watched it on the NHL package. Good to see you still had a great time and got some nice pix out of it!

  5. Deworme says:

    Gread read. Gongshow in Beantown!

  6. iron man says:

    bruins did horrible that game

  7. Capn Kev says:

    woulda been a good game to go to if you like scrapping. Apart from that terrible game. Thanks for chiming in again!

  8. BeeMich13 says:

    My best friend was sending me updates about the game. Your perspective was more entertaining though

  9. rsails says:

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  10. Rosey says:

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  14. Shinobi says:

    Brutal game to watch…embarrassing for the B’s.

  15. I wish I could have watched this game. Guess living in the dorms has its downfalls, no Center Ice

  16. njdevils923 says:

    solid read love it

  17. Black says:

    nothing like going to the game and having a few rockets sit in front of you.

  18. Knopper says:

    gotta love em girls

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    entertaining game! great broads

  20. jackal says:

    always look forward to this read, especially now after i just had surgery. thanks for the read

  21. Marmalade says:

    Good stuff, CS. Brutal game. Like you mentioned, probably a good one to be close to the glass for.

  22. CharlieJ98 says:

    great read.

  23. hasser4 says:

    Boston fans are the worst, every sport

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    Watched this game and it was hilarious… a total circus.

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    Watched the game as well, quite the goat rodeo

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  32. sully says:


  33. Sprouley says:

    Smoke shows…Lets go Buffalo!

    • CoachsSister says:

      I’ll be at the buffalo game on 11/12 and looking to get up North for another game soon…great sports town, lots of tough breaks, Ive had some fun times up there! Bars open late, late! Have family friends and a guy who played for Coach there. Fun times.

  34. tedhoefel says:

    Crap game for the B’s hopefully they get going soon.

  35. Eddie says:

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    Legit read. Sounds like an average breakdown for one of my beer league teams.

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    Great read. Boston was just out of control in this game. Really got ugly

  38. Smeeks says:

    Your Beautiful!

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